Is It A FACT, Or A Fake – Fact?


    We are presently, experiencing, and living through, times, as few of us, ever, recall, observing, before! Rather than, some degree of normalcy, and somewhat, normal behavior, focused, more on the common good, and best interests, not only merely, the popular/ populist ones, we have been witnessing, a political period, where each side, accuses the other, and there is little commitment to truth, facts, or even, the basics of integrity! Political fact – checking organizations, have claimed, our present, President, has, either lied, or materially, misstated, the truth, an average of over, six times, per day, while he, and his supporters, constantly accuse the press, of making up, the news, and articulating, fake facts. Many of us, remember the old, advertisement, which asked us, if what, we heard, was real, or taped (a specific brand, of course), and, in a similar manner, Americans must consider, if, what they are told, hear, and end up, believing, is a FACT, or another fake – fact? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, review, consider, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of the factors.

    1. Factual; faithful; future; furnish; fruition: Although, each of us, is entitled to our own opinion, we are not entitled to our own facts! Evaluate, consider, and demand, the relevant data, and original source, of the information, and review, it, for yourself, in the raw form, rather than, merely, accepting someone’s interpretation. What might be the motives/ motivations, and, is the suggestion, based on faithful service, and the best interests of the masses? Are suggestions, focused on the future, and both, relevant, and sustainable, and instead of empty rhetoric, promises, and vitriol, are there suggestions, and specifics, to bring a theory to fruition, in order to furnish, the nation, and our citizens, with the best set of circumstances?

    2. Attitude; attention; articulate; aptitude: We need to base our perceptions, on the most positive attitude, looking for ways, to achieve, rather than why, we won’t/ can’t! Pay attention to the details, and whether the political leader, has the necessary aptitude, and skill – set, to properly serve, the best interests of the public, rather than any personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interests!

    3. Character; cooperate; claims; coordinate; creative: Often, the statements, and claims, made, are aligned, directly, with the quality of someone’s character! If a leader doesn’t prioritize, cooperating, how can he possibly, coordinate, others, to work together, and listen carefully, to what others perceive, and desire! Great leadership requires someone, who is creative, and articulates, a message, focused on integrity!

    4. Trends; timely; trustworthy: If the leader is not consistently, trustworthy, he will, often, depend, on, the, My way or the highway, mindset, rather than expanding his comfort zone, accepting, and properly using, those trends, which might make things, better! Only, timely leadership, will make a difference, for the better!

    We need less rhetoric, and more facts! Follow someone, who prioritizes, FACT, instead of deceit, and/ or lying!