JELL-O Finally Did It – Edible Slime! – Perez Hilton


Fun for kids of all ages? Or a pandemic waiting to happen??

After years of people sharing homemade recipes for their best versions of slime you could both play with and eat — to VERY mixed results — Jell-O itself has finally risen to the challenge.

With the introduction of Edible Slime, the company has made that gooey, icky ooze kids love to play with something they can put in their bodies after!

The experimental product releases officially in December — just in time for a stocking stuffer — and comes in two flavors: Monster (lime) and Unicorn (strawberry).

But is it going to be a viral hit? Or a virus incubator?

We mean, it’s going to pick up every single particulate on the hands, any surface it touches. Is it just asking for trouble??

What do YOU think, Perezcious parents and players??

[Image via YouTube.]

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